online payment transaction fee will be charged by payment gateway :

  1. Net Banking Transaction Charges for ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, SBI & Associate Rs.15 + GST
  2. Net Banking Transaction Charges except from mentioned above banks Rs.10 + GST
  3. All Bank debit cards Rs.30 + GST
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Online Installment Loan T&C

These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") shall apply to and regulate the Fedbank installment Login or “Additional Loan” (“Additional Loan”) or Renewal for existing Loan provided by Fedbank Financial Services Limited (“Fedbank”) and are in addition to and not in derogation of the Terms and Conditions governing the Loan of Fedbank (the "Primary Terms and Conditions") as available on To the extent of any inconsistency between these Terms and the Primary Terms and Conditions, these Terms shall prevail.

Customer Login through OTP

The Customer shall keep his/her Loan Account Number, One Time Password (OTP) secured, totally confidential and shall not reveal it to any third party. Fedbank and/or its employees, officials never call or ask Customer to share the Password or OTP sent to the Customer on the registered number. Customers should never share the Password/OTP with anyone as this may lead to financial fraud.

The Customer agrees and acknowledges that Fedbank shall in no way be held responsible or liable if the Customer incurs any loss as a result of compromise of OTP by the Customer himself or Customer has failed to follow the Installment Login services instructions as published by the Fedbank on the site from time to time. The Customer agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Fedbank in respect of the same.

In the event, the Customer has closed all his existing Loan with Fedbank, then the Customer’s Loan Account Number will expire. Fedbank may at its discretion deactivate the Loan Account Number if the Customer has not logged into the installment Login account for a period of 6 months.

Termination of Installment Login Services

The Customer may request for termination of the installment Login Services any time by giving written notice to Fedbank at any of its branches. The Customer will remain responsible for transactions made on his/her account(s) prior to the time of such cancellation of the installment Login Services.

Fedbank may at its sole discretion, at any time without giving notice or reasons suspend or terminate all or any of the installment Login offered by the Fedbank and/or use by the Customer including for reasons such as:

  1. Breach of these terms by the Customer &
  2. Knowledge or information about the death, bankruptcy or legal incapacity of the Customer

Other Terms

  1. I/We declare that all the particulars and information and details given/filled in this Application Form are true, correct, complete and up-to-date in all respects and that i/We have not withheld any information whatsoever.
  2. I/We confirm that no Insolvency Proceeding or suits for recovery of outstanding dues of monies whatsoever or properties and/or any criminal proceedings have been initiated and/or are impending against me/us and that I/We have never been adjudicated insolvent by any court or other authority. We have not taken any action and no other steps have been taken or legal proceedings started by or against me us in any court of tow/other authorities for the appointment of a receiver, administrator, administrative receiver, trustee or similar officer or
    for my/our assets.
  3. I/We confirm that I/We shall not use the Loan Facility for any part thereof) for any improper/illegal/unlawful/speculative / capital market related activities and shall apply the Loan Facility for any part thereof) only for the limited purposes specified herein
  4. We undertake to inform Fedbank Financial Services Limited (Fedfina) regarding any changes whatsoever in my/our addresses as specified hereinabove or my employment/Profession and to promptly provide such further or information that Fedfina for its designated group companies or agents or representatives) may require. I hereby give my consent for appropriate verification of the documents through your authorized representatives, as well as to conduct a check with the credit bureaus, internal and external database, field verifications, tele-verifications, reference and background check and others, I/We authorize Fedfina and its group companies and their agents to exchange, share or part with all the information relating to my/our loan details and repayment history to other Fedfina group companies, banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus, agencies, statutory bodies, marketing/research etc. as may be required or as they may deem fit and shall not hold Fedfina (or any of its group companies or its/their agents) liable for use/sharing of this information.
  5. We acknowledge and agree that the sanction of the Facility by Fedfina to me/us shall be subject to compliance by the terms and conditions set out under this Application Form as well as the other Transaction Documents
  6. We declare that we are competent and fully authorized to issue such declarations, confirmations, agreements and undertaking and submit this Application form for the purpose of borrowing/availing of the requested Facility, and to execute all other documents required by Fedfina for such purpose.
  7. This Application Form has been duly and validated by a mentor on
    my/our behalf and when accepted/acted upon by Fedfina would constitute legal and valid obligations that are binding on and enforceable against me/us. We confirm that the initials on this Application Form are made by me/us and the validity of such a shall not be disputed by me/us.
  8. We hereby confirm having received, read and understood the above terms and conditions applicable to this loan including the application form and the Terms and Conditions/Agreement and accept the same
  9. I/We accept that my/our loan shall be governed by the terms and conditions/agreement of Fedfina which may be in force from time to time.
  10. We hereby unconditionally, agree that these terms may be changed by the Fedfina at any time and I/ we will accept and/or be bound by the amended terms and conditions
  11. We hereby give our consent that Fedfina can share my/our details and/or other details with CKYC. We do not have any objection if I/We get any communication from CKYC through SMS/e-mail and for otherwise
  12. By entering your mobile number, you agree to the T&C and allow us to send you WhatsApp notifications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: That the receipt of your application form for the loan does not imply automatic approval of your loan by the company. The company may request for additional documents other than those collected in connection with the application, I/We confirm that the executive who collected my/our application/Documents has informed me/us and we am/are aware

1. That service tax as may be applicable from time to time will be charged in connection with the loan,

2. That company will not be able for loss or delay in receipt of documents.

3. That incomplete/defective application will not be processed and the company shall not be responsible in any manner for the resulting delay or otherwise. That the application form, documents / Photographs will not be returned under any circumstances once submitted to the company.

4. That approval of the application is at the sole discretion of the company.

5. That the quantum of the loan will be finally decided by the company and the company has not made any commitments to me/us regarding the same.

6. That the loan prepayment charges which may be subject to revision are levied/calculated on the balance outstanding of the loan I/We further confirm that the said executive had collected sell attested copies of the aforementioned documents from me/us and that i/We are/were specifically informed that in case of any prepayment request the applicant and the co-applicant are required to personally visit the company's customer service branch after which the request will be accepted for issuance of the pre-payment letter

I/We hereby confirm that I/We have read/been explained in detail and understood all the terms and conditions and charges applicable pertaining to the said loan application.


Online Payment T&C


"User" refers to a customer of Fedbank Financial Services Limited and/or of the Affiliates authorised to use website (defined below) by these Terms. In case of the customer being a minor, the guardian of such minor shall be permitted to use Online transaction portal upon accepting these Terms and will be considered as a 'User'. Account(s) or "Accounts" or “Account" refers to the User’s loan/facility account(s), and/or any other type of account(s), so maintained with Fedbank Financial Services Limited or its Affiliate. “Terms" refer to terms and conditions herein for use of online transaction portal. “Website" refers to the website and online transaction portal maintained by Fedbank Financial Services Limited or any vendor appointed by Fedbank Financial Services Limited from time to time. “Unauthorised Use” means any usage of Online transaction portal which is not in accordance with the Terms. "Facility" shall mean the online transaction facility provided by Fedbank Financial Services Limited to the Users, by the use of which the Users can Pay/deposit funds to their Loan Account through the modes specified below.


Payment Gateway/Bank

Name Of Transaction

Bill Desk

Service Tax

Internet Banking

Net Banking transaction charges for ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank , SBI & Associates

Rs.13/- +GST

On actuals

Net Banking transaction charges except from mentioned above banks

Rs.8/- +GST

On actuals

Debit Card

Transaction charges for all debit card

Rs.0.90/- +GST

On actuals

Debit Card Rupay Nil Charges  
UPI   Nil Charges  

Credit Card

Not enabled now

  • Transaction charges to be borne by the customer (Total amount + Transaction charges) as per the above table.
  • Fund shall be credited in T+1 Days in the Customer Loan Account with Fedbank Financial Services Limited
  • It will be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that no double payment is made from his/her end for the same Account.
  • Fedbank Financial Services Limited reserves the right to change the above-stated charge.
  • All disputes arising out of the said services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts in Mumbai.
  • We accept payments of all installments for Business Loans, Personal Loan, Home Loans and Loan against Property Products during all Business Working Days.


The key points to be considered with the Online Payment Terms and Conditions are:

  • Please read these terms carefully before using the online payment facility. By accepting the online payment facility on this website indicates that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms do not use this facility.
  • The payment made towards your loan account would be accounted for within T+1 working days from the date on which the funds are received from our end and hence request you to make the payment well in advance and avoid last moment payments.
  • Customers are requested to contact the office of Fedfina during working hours (9:00 am till 5:00 pm) for all Refunds or Chargebacks and no online Refunds or Chargeback to be raised by the customer.
  • Fedfina will consider Refunds or Chargebacks raised in the home branch and action as deemed appropriate on case to case basis.
  • Once the payment has been made, no cancellation will be entertained for any reason.
  • The User shall take all necessary precautions to prevent Unauthorised Use and unauthorized or illegal access by any person other than the User.
  • The User shall ensure that services on website or any related service is not used for any purpose which is illegal, improper or which is not authorised under these Terms.
  • During Online Payment, if the amount is debited from customer bank account and the transaction details are not generated online, in such an event it will take 24 hours to generate transaction details with bank and payment gateway. If the Online transaction details are not generated, even after 24 hours or money is not refunded to the bank account, please contact/reach our Customer Care at given below credentials.

Call & Email

Monday To Saturday


Customer Care: 022-61480578

9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

Fedbank Financial Services Ltd. Kanakia Wall Street, A Wing, 5th Floor, Unit no. 511, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri ( East), Mumbai- 400 093, Maharashtra, India. Tel : 022-68520601


Fedbank Financial Services Limited is strongly committed to protect the personal and financial information that the user of the website (hereinafter "user(s)") submits to us and would endeavour to protect it from unauthorized use. Fedbank Financial Services Limited assures the users that the information made available to us will be kept in strict confidentiality and we will use the information only to help us to service their account better, to provide them with products and services that they may have requested, and to inform them about other products and services that may be of interest to them. We do not sell you’re their personal information to third parties. We shall not reveal information or data relating to borrower accounts, whether provided by the borrowers or otherwise, to anyone, other than in the following exceptional cases:

  1. If the information is to be given by law.
  2. If there is a duty towards the public to reveal the information.
  3. If the borrower asks us to reveal the information, or with the borrower’s permission.
  4. If Fedbank Financial Services Limited is asked to give a reference about borrowers, Fedbank Financial Services Limited shall obtain his / her written permission before giving it.

The users authorize Fedbank Financial Services Limited to exchange, share, part with all information related to the details and transaction history of the users to its Affiliate regulatory authorities / banks / financial institutions / credit bureaus / agencies / participation in any required form as may be required by law, customary practice, credit reporting, statistical analysis and credit scoring, verification or risk management and shall not hold Fedbank Financial Services Limited liable for use or disclosure of this information. Other websites that the users may access via website may have different privacy policies and access to such web sites will not be subject to this privacy policy. We recommend that the users read the privacy statement of each such website to find out how they protect their personal information. Due to changes in legislation or enhancements to functionality and content on the website, we may make changes to privacy policy (without being obliged to do so) and would reflect those changes in this privacy policy statement. Hence the users are requested to go through the privacy policy statement on a regular basis.

Please note that this privacy policy does not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party, nor is it intended to do so


The Client expressly agrees that use of the Website is at its sole risk.

The Website is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Except as warranted in the Terms above, Fedbank Financial Services Limited expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied or statutory, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, data accuracy and completeness, and any warranties relating to non-infringement. Fedbank Financial Services Limited does not warrant that access to the Website shall be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free nor does it make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the Website or use, accuracy or reliability. Fedbank Financial Services Limited does not guarantee to the User or any other third party that online transactions would be virus free Fedbank Financial Services Limited will not be liable for any virus that may enter the User's system as a result of the User using online transactions.

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