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Loan Against Property Key Features & Benefits

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We understand the needs of our customers to raise funds to meet their growth plans, their regular working capital requirements or to meet their personal needs in the likes of family wedding, education, foreign travel, medical exigencies etc. With a bouquet of our lending programs, we enable you to unlock the value of your property. These loans are offered against your existing residential or commercial properties.




  • More than 10 product programs which enable us to offer maximum funding.
  • Loan tenor up to 15 years*
  • Takeover of your existing loans with additional funding at attractive interest rates.
  • Debt consolidation to optimize cost of borrowing and cash outflow.
  • Loans to purchase commercial properties.
  • Structured lending through discounting of rent receipts against your residential or commercial properties.
  • Maximum funding against your property.*
  • Speedy loan processing.
  • Simplified process and documentation.
  • Door step service.